Gourmet Dining

The name says it all! Sailing Chef is about Sailing and... the Chef. You will enjoy fresh and creative dishes throughout your journey from sunrise to well after sunset.

Breathtaking Scenery

The Aegean shores of Turkey are among the most beautiful landscapes in the world. The magnificent coastline, lapped by the clear sea, abounds in vast and pristine beaches surrounded by olive groves, rocky crags, and pine woods. You will encounter idyllic harbors, breathtaking bays, famous holiday villages, and the remains of ancient civilizations attesting to more than 5000 years of history, culture, and mythology.

Unlimited Water Fun

The clear turquoise sea offers the ideal opportunity for all sorts of water fun and sports. Go snorkeling or scuba diving and discover unique sea life. You can also learn how to tame a standing up pedalling board or go for a fast ride behind our motor boat, take a relaxing swim or discover more on a canoe trip. 

06:27 wake up

You wake up in your cabin or, even better, on deck... experiencing a beautiful sunrise. You pour yourself a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy the calmness of the early morning.

Sleeping on deck.jpg

10:42 to the next bay

After a short swim, a cup of tea or coffee or anything you'd like to do after breakfast the captain sets sail for the next experience.


13:07 lunch

The day flies by. Enjoying the freshly prepared lunch with the great company on board. Having good conversations about the life at sea, the experience so far and what surprise will be next...

Lunch Salad.jpg

16:32 cocktail

Afternoon drinks time! Today the Sailing Chef has prepared fresh fruit with Champagne making us feel like royalty.

Cocktails and Fruit.jpg

19:41 dinner

Dinner is a special event each evening. Caner, your Sailing Chef creates miracle dishes from fresh and responsibly farmed local ingredients. No matter whether you like meat, fish or vegetarian dishes, te Sailing Chef is here to please and do his magic!


09:13 breakfast

After a swim and a shower the Sailing Chef has prepared a signature breakfast with freshly baked bread, fresh fruit and juice and local meat and cheese. Each morning is another gourmet surprise.


12:16 water fun

There is of course plenty of fun in and around the water. Before lunch you can enjoy swimming, snorkeling, canoeing, fishing or supping while the Sailing Chef prepares the meal.

Jumping into the sea.JPG

14:33 sailing

After lunch our captain takes us back on the Aegean sea. Lying on the deck or sitting on the couch you see the coastline passing.

Exterior sails up from back.jpg

17:14 relax

Having arrived at our bay for the night it is time to snorkel, swim, read or having conversations with your fellow guests with a glass of wine or drink to your liking.

relax at sunset.jpg

another epic day

Enjoy an after dinner drink and play board games, retreat to read or communicate your experiences to your friends and family at home. Experience the beautiful sunset and go to sleep on your sun deck mattress or in your cabin dreaming about tomorrow, your next day in paradise.


    a Day at Sea    

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