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5 AM... Izmir Airport.

5 AM... I am back at the airport to fly from Izmir to Amsterdam after a week of work and relaxation onboard of the Sailing Chef. It is excellent that there's now a direct Turkish Airlines flight between Amsterdam and Izmir. To drive from Izmir to Marmaris takes less than three hours from where Datca is reachable in an hour. Car rental and private transport are affordable. I consider flying to and from Izmir a great alternative to flying to Dalaman, Bodrum or post COVID pandemic restrictions a ferry from Rhodes or Kos.

Anyway, this week, I spent time in Datca and the surrounding Mediterranean Sea. While working with our fabulous team and ensuring that every guest will experience her or his "Memory for Life," I was looking to experience the health risks firsthand. To be honest, I feel more nervous about being back in The Netherlands than being on the Datca peninsula. People are as disciplined as you can expect, and risks are lower as life takes place outdoors. Being on our ship (Gulet) is arguably the safest place to be. We have taken the mandatory precautions, including hand sanitizer and temperature check equipment onboard. Despite the sun shining all week lavishly, my temperature remained 36.8 degrees throughout.

After enjoying a few days at sea and enjoying our new gulet's comfort, we returned to Datca harbor. We purchased new deck chairs and ordered tailor-made cushioning. We also continued to make our new lounge deck the perfect place to relax, read, have a drink, and enjoy a great time with your fellow passengers. I ended up sitting there a lot, reading while overlooking the sea.

I was also able to enjoy the charming village of Datca. By speaking to locals and vacationers, the recurring theme was that "Datca is another planet". I can best describe it as authentic, tranquil, and picturesque. Its restaurants with their tables on the beach are a real attraction, as are the beautiful old town and the cozy harbor.

We were also able to sign an exclusive agreement with our new partner, the "my marina select hotel". It is a nicely decorated hotel, with state of the art rooms and a gorgeous garden that leads you to the beach.

Apart from special conditions for Sailing Chef guests who'd like to extend their stay, we can now also offer you a visit on the day of departure. If you have a late afternoon or evening flight, our guests are welcome to enjoy the day at the hotel premises, shower, and enjoy the great food and coffee. This, apart from the food and drinks, comes included when you are a Sailing Chef guest. So, your departure day can be as relaxing as the rest of your holiday.

If you are interested to sail with us, please share your details via our web site or directly contact us at We plan to return for our family holiday at the end of next week. I certainly can't wait to be back!

Your Sailing Chef Team



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