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Create your Lifelong Memory

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

The essence of life is building memories. At Sailing Chef, we aim to provide each guest with a lifelong memory, exceeding your expectations for five key elements of the experience:

Breathtaking Scenery

The East-Mediterranean and Aegean Seas between the South-West of Turkey and Greece is arguably the most scenic in the world. The sea is impossibly blue, hence the name Blue cruise or blue voyage, the coastlines are dramatic, and each island and village is picturesque.

Genuine Hospitality

The difference between professional hospitality and hospitality from the heart defines your experience. Our Sailing Chef crew knows what you need without even asking as they breathe hospitality and make you feel great every minute of the day.

Unlimited Waterfun

Fun in and on the water takes centre stage. The turquoise sea, with its perfect temperatures, is the ideal environment for all thinkable sorts of water fun. You can take a relaxing swim, go on a canoe tour, balance on a SUP board, go scuba diving, go fishing or do a fast tow behind our dinghy.

Culinary Magic

Our Chef is at the epicentre of creating your Lifelong Memory. He creates magical dishes from the freshest local ingredients. Our crew loves to free dive (without oxygen tanks) and catches the freshest fish at a depth of 30 metres! During the April to June part of the season, catching a lobster is no exception. The Sailing Chef prepares it perfectly and serves the lobster to you fresher than you have ever experienced.

Total Relaxation

Enabling you to switch off completely completes the experience. Whether you like to bask in the perfect climate, read a book, listen to your favourite music or have inspiring conversations with your fellow guests, you can do as you please. Each of our three decks is fit to connect or disconnect always providing you with the level of privacy you desire.


NEW: Short Video impressions showcasing each experience.

To showcase each experience, we have created short six-second videos. In the future, you might come across them while surfing the internet. Right now, we are excited to share them with you first.

Your thoughts and feedback are most welcome. It helps us to improve continuously on our mission to provide our guests with a Lifelong Memory. Please leave it in the comments section below or share with us direct.

You can also find them at our brand new YouTube Channel. Please subscribe to our channel to receive access to the latest videos instantly.


OFFER: Until 1 November. Book your 2021 holiday at 2020 prices

We have started accepting bookings for 2021. We are grateful for the interest and number of early bookings received to date. As a reader of our blog, we offer you the opportunity to book your 2021 voyage now at this season's prices. This offer is valid until we publish our 2021 prices on 1 November.

We look forward to welcoming you onboard!

Your Sailing Chef Team


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