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Datca and Turquoise coast featured in The Sunday Times

The Sunday Times of this weekend features an article by author Chris Haslam. Chris Haslam, the multi award-winning chief travel writer of The Times, describes his experiences on a recent trip along the turquoise coast of South-West Turkey both on- and offboard a gulet.

"I'd picked up Roman pottery shards; seen a stone thrown by God; skimmed across water so clear it felt like flying; hiked ancient paths through resinous forests; waded icy rivers in 35C sunshine; and found peace I'd thought impossible in a post-lockdown world.

Getting drunk on such beauty had left me confused. Turkey's Safe Tourism certification scheme was world-leading; its welcome effusive; its cuisine, like its history, complex and classical; and its landscapes suffused with cinematic grandeur.

Why then, I teased Serhan, did Greece get all the love? He said he'd think about it."

The author takes you along his experiences and eventually gets his answer from the captain...

"I'll tell you why Greece gets all the love," he says. "Films." He counts on his fingers. "Zorba the Greek, Shirley Valentine, Captain Corelli's Mandolin, Mamma Mia! And Turkey?" He holds up just one finger. "Midnight Express."

Wouldn't it be perfect writing your script and create your Lifelong Memory? The Datca peninsula where the Mediterranean and Aegean seas meet offers the ideal setting.

We'd love to welcome you onboard and be your guide! Please reach out to us to learn more. We are here to help.

Your Sailing Chef Team


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