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Everything you need to know before stepping aboard a Gulet Cruise - Part 3

Gulet yachts are, especially in these times of Corona, a popular and responsible way to spend your summer holiday. However, not many people are aware of the differences between Gulets and other sailboats. In order to give people the opportunity to get to know more about Gulet yachts like our own, we created this 5-part series.

Part 3 - Harbors to discover

On the most Gulet Cruises, the tour can be formed according to guests' wishes. Therefore, many different harbors will be discovered! In this part of the series, we will introduce to you a few of the must-see cities and towns when going on a Blue Cruise!

Symi - Greece

Symi is a little Greek island off the coast with Datça. These days, the Island is mostly known for its natural sponges and the beautiful, picturesque capital city of the island, eponymous, Symi.

Despite the fact that there are only a few accommodations for tourists, tourism is the most important economical sector. Besides, fishing is also very important for the economic status of the island.

A fun fact about Symi is that it does not possess a single water source. Therefore, every household has its own reservoir to gather all the rainwater.

Additionally, the next-door island, Rhodes, delivers drinking water every week.

The city of Symi consists of 13 churches and a lot of chapels of which some originate from the Byzantine era. Also, the bell tower of the little city is a must-see when you come to visit

Datça - Turkey

The city of Datça is the largest city of the peninsula Datça. In the early days it was hard to reach Datça over land. Currently, it is famous for its sailing yachts and harbor. The area of Datça is known for the '3 B's':

  • Bal, honey

  • Badem, almonds

  • Balik, fish

The houses in the city were mainly built by Greeks who lived here until 1923. They are built out of sand-lime bricks and therefore have that typical Mediterranean appearance. If you want to spend time in a calm environment, but in a magnificent setting, Datça is the right choice for you!

Marmaris - Turkey

Marmaris is a Turkish port city and tourist resort on the Mediterranean coast. Tourism is its main source of income. It is also a great place to go sailing and diving, because of its two major and several smaller harbors. It has a hot-summer Mediterranean climate, meaning that its summers are hot and dry and the winters mild and rainy. In Marmaris, you can find a lot of outdoor waterparks which are great to visit with kids. Also, it is famous for 'Günnücek', its National Park where you can find some beautiful unspoiled beaches and a large variety of birds and other animals like bears, foxes, squirrels, hedgehogs etc.

Furthermore, Marmaris has some typical Turkish markets where you can find spices and hand-made fabrics.

Bodrum - Turkey

Bodrum is, among other things, known for its production of Gulets. However, the city has a lot more to offer! To start, it has a great night-life. Many young people go here every year to party for weeks on end. However, Bodrum has its calm side too; Its windmills and Greek theatre are two of the must-sees of the city.

Also, its city walls originate from the times of Alexander the Great. The most famous part of the city walls is 'Bodrum Castle'.

Would you like to learn more about Blue Cruises before stepping aboard a Gulet, stay tuned for the fourth part in this series!

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