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Live the Blue Cruise Life - Part 1

Coming two weeks, your staff members will be on the Sailing Chef, cruising along the coast of Turkey. We will keep you updated on our adventures to give you a good idea of what life on a Blue Cruise is like. Stay tuned for our stories!

July 31st, 2020

When arriving in Turkey, the warm air welcomes us immediately. Our taxi driver is already waiting for us and helps us to carry our luggage inside the van. After a drive through the Turkish landscapes, we arrive in Datça where Caner, Mujdat, and Sacit are already waiting for us. Datça is a little village on the peninsula of 'Datça Yarimadasi'. The boat is anchored in the harbor where people are walking around, having dinner, or going for a swim.

Right after our arrival and catching up with our crew, we have a glass of champagne and talk some more. Then, Caner starts preparing dinner while we unpack our bags.

Tonight, we eat gambas marinated with garlic and olive oil, seabass, salad, and 'Dolma' (a typically Turkish dish made of grape leaves filled with minced meat).

After dinner, we are all very tired of the journey and go to bed straight away. But... not in our cabins! Here, on a Blue Cruise, we sleep outside! So, after carrying our bedding to the deck of the gulet, we all fall asleep.

August 1st, 2020

It is 7:30 in the morning when the sun wakes us. Some of us go to the beach nearby to go for a morning swim while others go into the city for a stroll. When breakfast is ready, we all sit at the big table on the deck and enjoy the delicious food Caner prepared once again.

Then, Caner and the rest of the crew explain where they want to go today, and when we all agree, Mujdat starts the engine to get out of the harbor.

Today, we want to go to a quiet dock. (Most of the time Caner tells us what's great to go to and we believe him. He never disappoints us!)

We have lunch in this bay with the most crystal clear water we have ever seen. Aside from two other gulets, we are the only ones in the bay. When the anchor is down and the gulet is all steady, we jump off the ship into the sea. The water is of great temperature and after laying in the sun for an hour or so, we are all ready for some cooling down.

We go snorkeling and canoeing, have lunch and repeat until dinner is ready, we play some card games and go to sleep (again on deck).

And... we got very lucky tonight!! We spotted a meteorite right before going to sleep!

August 2nd, 2020

After seeing the meteorite last evening, we are surprised by dolphins in the early morning! Right after waking up, Sacit spots the first one and tells us to keep looking for more. Eventually, we see another one! They are playing with each other and jumping in and out of the water. After the most delicious breakfast, we go sailing for the first time. The wind was good, so the crew decides to set sail to our next destination. (Which is where we are currently). It is the most beautiful bay with more sailboats anchored here. The sun has just set behind a mountain, which makes the water and sky turn into this beautiful shade of blue. Little motorboats go back and forth between the sailboats and the coast. We are playing games, listening to music and fishing while waiting for diner to be ready. The atmosphere is great and these past 3 days were too.

Curious about the rest of our adventures on this Blue Cruise? Stay tuned for the next part in this series!

Your Sailing Chef Team

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Unknown member
Aug 02, 2020

Wauw, what a story!! Can’t wait to have these experience by ourselves....And very curious About your next adventures.....I’ll stay tuned....

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