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Next season rates and brochure now online

Following a season that was different than expected for our guests and us, we are now thoroughly preparing for the new season.

COVID-19: Light at the end of the tunnel

Although the COVID-19 pandemic is not yet behind us, there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Several vaccines have now successfully passed phase 3 trials, a few have been definitively approved, and vaccinations have started in the United Kingdom.

Turkey will start vaccinating later in December. Turkey relies on the Chinese Sinovac Biotech vaccine that has now been tested by more than 1 million people in China, Brazil, Indonesia and Turkey.

In the first place, we hope that the human tragedy that caused the pandemic will end shortly. Of course, we continue to offer the security of our COVID-19 policy. This policy enables you to book without risk and get your money back without hassle should COVID-19 restrictions remain in place at the time of your trip.

Hospitality, unparalleled beauty and culinary magic

As mentioned, we have started the preparation for the 2021 season. Our ambition is to allow our guests to enjoy genuine hospitality, unparalleled beauty and culinary magic without any concerns.

We are therefore pleased to share our prices and online brochure for 2021 with you.

NEW: Superfast quote via WhatsApp

If you are interested, we recommend that you book quickly as the vast majority of our guests who booked this year will now be our guests in 2021.

You can do this easily by contacting us via WhatsApp. We will help you quickly and personally with answers and a tailor-made travel proposal.

Did you know that...?

  • A week onboard Sailing Chef is already available from € 775 all-inclusive?

  • A luxury gulet for twelve guests a week can be yours from € 7,130 all-inclusive?

  • You can book risk-free with our COVID-19 policy and get a quick refund without hassle if COVID-19 restrictions remain in place?

  • We don't charge extra for the use of a single cabin? (Limited Availability)

  • Do children up to and including 12 years receive a 25% discount?

  • Young people aged 13-17 receive a 20% discount?

  • If you book extra weeks, do adults also get a 20% discount on the additional weeks?

Yoga and Wellness Partners

We are also very proud to partner with the best yoga and wellness partners in the country, “Yoga met Suus” and Vositivity and to provide yoga sailing cruises with them. There are still some places available.

We look forward to welcoming you onboard in 2021!

If you want to be guaranteed of your Sailing Chef experience for 2022, we are happy to help you. Contact us via WhatsApp or visit

Your Sailing Chef Team


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