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Turkey expects to have tourism start late May, international mid-June

Yesterday, the Turkish Minister of Tourism provided an update about the start of the tourism season in Turkey.

Turkey expects to have domestic tourism start late May, while internationally after mid-June, the country's culture and tourism minister said Saturday.

"I hope, tourism will start with some tourism mobility domestically by May 28," said Mehmet Nuri Ersoy, speaking to broadcaster NTV.

"We also expect international tourism to start with some countries after mid-June," Ersoy added.

The first destinations might be Asian countries, including China and South Korea, he noted.

Ersoy stressed that Turkey started a detailed certification program for hotels over the novel coronavirus outbreak.

"It [the certification program] was the first in the world, and the EU also decided to initiate a similar one," he added.


At Sailing Chef we are in full preparation to comply to hygiene and safety regulations. Our boutique scale operations offer our guests a full holiday experience away from the mass tourism.

We have also used the additional time until start of the season to further live up to our philosophy of "Green Sailing" by adding solar panels and order BPA-free individual water bottles for our guests.

We plan to start sailing in July. Do you join us?

Your Sailing Chef Team


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