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Unique holiday opportunity just became available: Charter private gulet from 14 to 21 August

At Sailing Chef, we want you to enjoy an unforgettable and carefree holiday. So, we continue to provide our guests with the opportunity to cancel if travel restrictions remain in place in their home country.

A recent cancellation has now resulted in the unique opportunity to charter our flagship gulet for an all-inclusive five-star rated sailing cruise during the week of 14 August 2021. The Sailing Chef gulet has seven cabins with a total capacity for twelve guests. Each cabin has its private ensuite bathroom and air conditioning.


Breathtaking in your private holiday bubble

We provide you with the opportunity to celebrate your well-deserved holiday with friends and family in your private bubble while being treated like a VIP. Carefree and all-inclusive.

You will depart from the picturesque harbour of Datca in the Dorian Gulf, one of the most gorgeous cruising areas imaginable. You will sail the region where the Mediterranean and Aegean seas collide, and the Turkish Riviera and Greek Dodecanese Islands meet.

If you are interested and like to receive a tailor-made offer, please reach out to us by WhatsApp or email. We are available seven days a week. We'd be happy to accommodate you and your family and friends on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Is Turkey safe to travel to?

In a nutshell, yes. Turkey's COVID-19 infection rates have come down rapidly. Turkey reports less than 5.000 infections per day on a population of 85 million. Furthermore, the official ECDC overview shows, the 14 days infection rate is now at 86 per 100.000 population (source: ECDC) and continues to decline.

Across Turkey, 57 million vaccines have been given. The vaccination rate during the past week totalled 5.4 million (source: Reuters COVID-19 tracker).

Turkey has doubled down on Safe Tourism since the pandemic began and led the way when it comes to keeping its visitors safe. There are no inbound travel restrictions for most EU and no-EU travellers into Turkey, and local restrictions have been lifted by 1 July.

If, however, you need a PCR Test before heading back to your home country, we can have official tests be done onboard. So, you can enjoy every minute of your holiday.

Of course, we're here to answer any questions and assist you with anything you need.

We look forward to welcoming you onboard and take part in creating your lifelong memory.

Your Sailing Chef Team



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