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Ahead of the 2022 season news: The latest and greatest

Ferry services have resumed | Dutch travel advisory upgraded

The start of the 2022 season is less than 7 weeks away. With the COVID pandemic easing and countries reopening, the interest in creating vacation memories is rapidly increasing.

At Sailing Chef, we are preparing our fleet with an eye for detail. Beyond maintenance and upgrades, we continue to enhance each part of the traditional Blue Cruise experience into the details. For example, our engines are not just serviced but also repainted to keep them in great shape and fine-looking. Why? We hear you ask. Well simply because we know many of our guests ask us to take a look in the engine room of our flagship gulet. So, we decided to make it a part of the experience!

Ahead of the upcoming season, there’s great news to share:

Ferries between Greece and turkey resume operations

After two years, the high-speed ferries between Greece and Turkey have resumed their operations, making travel between both countries simple and fast again. Many of our guests are combining their Sailing Chef holiday, with a stay on the gorgeous Datca peninsula, Bodrum or one of the breathtaking Greek islands.

For the region where Sailing Chef is active, high-speed catamaran ferries link Kos to Bodrum, Rhodes to Fethiye and Rhodes to Marmaris. Some ferries start their operations in April when the spring holiday season starts.

As a result, the reopening also adds the airports of Rhodes and Kos as excellent airports to chose from for a Sailing Chef Blue Voyage. Of course, the airports of Dalaman and Bodrum remain perfect airports to get to your departure harbour. With these options, it makes it even more attractive to extend your Sailing Chef Blue Voyage with a stay in Greece or the Turkish Riviera.

Great news for Dutch guests | Turkey travel advisory upgraded

Following other European countries, where guests could already travel without restrictions, the Dutch government has upgraded the status of Turkey from code orange to code yellow. This simply means there’s no difference in risk between Turkey and other EU countries and you can travel without restrictions.

With the new status, nothing is in the way of creating your lifelong memory in one of the leading sailing regions in the world, the region where the Mediterranean and Aegean seas merge and Turkey and Greece meet.

We’ll continue to keep you updated of news ahead of the sailing season. It is fair to say though that after two years of restrictions and closures, the region opens up and is ready to receive you with open arms.

So, are we at Sailing Chef!


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