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Book a cabin.
Your home away from home

Embark on a breathtaking adventure across the Mediterranean and Aegean seas aboard our majestic Sailing Chef I gulet, your home at sea during your blue voyage.

Our yacht's layout is meticulously designed to cater to diverse groups, with three distinct deck areas and three types of cabins. 


The shaded dining area features an oversized couch to unwind and a large dining table to relish sumptuous meals. In contrast, the sun deck offers a perfect spot to bask in the sunlight and savor the mesmerizing views. In addition, the gulet's bow boasts a distinct lounge area that invites you to enjoy early-morning coffee and sundowner cocktails.


Our three types of cabins, single-bed, double-bed, and a spacious VIP master suite, ensure every guest can find the level of comfort and privacy they desire. 


So, whether you're chartering a private gulet with your loved ones or joining newfound friends by booking a cabin, Sailing Chef offers the highest degree of comfort and luxury for guests of all ages. And, with our all-inclusive carefree packages, you can simply relax and enjoy your gulet cruise.

Welcome aboard, and let us make your blue voyage an unforgettable experience!

Cabin Rental 2024

carefree all-inclusive per guest per week

VIP Suite

luxurious master suite with 270 degrees panoramic views

The spacious VIP Master Suite with a 270 degrees panoramic view is the pinnacle of luxury.


The suite offers plentiful space that stretches the entire width of the gulet. You can even choose to do your workout from the privacy of your room.


The suite has an extra-large double bed and a separate lounge area. In addition, it offers ample storage space and a personal laptop table. Furthermore, the fully equipped ensuite bathroom with a private shower provides you with the sensation of ultimate luxury in your hotel at sea.

The individually adjustable air conditioning lets you bring your suite to the perfect conditions every day.

from €1.095 per guest/week

Sailing Chef - Caner Özçelik Suite
Mariya Russel - Double Bed Cabin

Double Bed Cabin

Your home away from home with ensuite bathroom and air conditioning

Our four double-bed cabins all have their personal touch. They offer space and comfort for you to enjoy during your blue cruise.


Each room has a queen-size bed and offers ample storage space. 

Two large windows let you enjoy a fantastic view of the unforgettable scenery passing in front of you.

You can control the in-room air conditioning individually so your cabin is at the perfect temperature when you take a shower or are ready to tug in for the night. Furthermore, with the fully outfitted en-suite bathroom, you'll encounter the sensation of luxury and privacy in your hotel at sea.

from €895 per guest/week

Single Bed Cabin

Enjoy boutique luxury in your charming hotel room at sea

Our two single-bed cabins are surprisingly spacious with a personal touch.

Each room has a single bed and offers ample storage space. 
A large window lets you enjoy a fantastic view of the incredible scenery passing in front of you.

Our crew can control the in-room air conditioning individually. Hence, your cabin is at the perfect temperature when you shower or are ready to tug in for the night. Furthermore, with a fully outfitted en-suite bathroom, you'll encounter the sensation of luxury and privacy in your home away from home on the sea.

from €1.095 per guest/week

Cozy single bed cabin with decorative mirrors
Rear deck dining table _ Sailing Chef

Dining deck

This deck at the rear of the gulet is full of shade and ideal for dining, reading, playing board games or sending the occasional email.

The covered afterdeck is where the culinary magic happens.


Fresh, local ingredients — carefully selected by your sailing chef on a trip to the local market — along with seasonal produce and culinary ingenuity, go into each perfectly prepared dish. You'll enjoy an al fresco healthy breakfast, surprising lunch and extravagant dinner in the company of family and friends.


This area of the gulet is perfect for playing board games, drinking a light roast cappucino or sending the occasional email benefiting from the unlimited high-speed WiFi. 


Also, the afterdeck is the place to sit back on the generously sized couches with plush pillows. Read a book, be amazed by the view or engage in conversation with your fellow guests. Anything goes.

Lounge Deck

Enjoy a sundowner cocktail in the perfect setting or gaze the countless stars at night

The lounge deck experience is all about slowing down and enjoying the blue cruise life.

The setup with lounge tables, couches to relax, and casual bean bag-style chairs make this the perfect deck to gather at the end of the afternoon and bask in the afterglow of a memorable day. 

It serves as the ideal area to sip on a sundowner cocktail while enjoying your favourite music and engaging in a casual conversation. The surrounding of a cosy harbour or exclusive bay makes you feel like living the dream.

It is also the best spot to go to after dinner, to gaze at the countless stars. The absence of bright city lights allows you to witness ten times more stars than you'll typically see. Simply breathtaking.

Sailing Chef Lounge Deck layout from above.JPG
Sailing Chef Sun Deck Mattresses

Sun Deck

unwind and enjoy the perfect climate with a breathtaking view

The sun deck area allows you to enjoy the perfect climate from the comfort of your luxury sun mattress. Twelve plush sunbeds facing the sea provide you with the ultimate view of the breathtaking scenery in front of you. Upon arrival, we'll present you with your individual sun deck towel made of thick custom-made cotton. 

Needless to say that laying down on the sun deck simply feels fantastic. You can choose to soak up the Mediterranean sun or apply the flexible shade sail to protect you from it. And, when you are ready to cool off, the turquoise sea is waiting for you.

At night, should you wish to sleep under the stars, and we highly recommend it, your crew will help you turn your sun mattress into a sleeping haven. 

Elegant Drink

Carefree all-Inclusive

What is included?

Meals, drinks, and snacks​

​At Sailing Chef, we are proud to have a Chef with exceptional qualities dedicated to providing our guests with the best culinary experience. Our Chef is passionate about finding the freshest local ingredients and the tastiest fish of the day to cook up delicious meals for you.


We also understand that everyone has different preferences and dietary restrictions, so our Chef takes the time to accommodate any needs you may have. Just give us a heads-up at least a week before your cruise, and we'll adjust our purchases and dishes accordingly. And remember our fresh fruit salads and mouth-watering snacks from the galley that will leave you wanting more. 


We're excited to welcome you on board and can't wait to share our culinary delights as part of our carefree all-inclusive offering, making you feel like a VIP.


Sailing Chef offers daily

  • Fresh coffee, espresso, cappuccino, tea, and cold water to start the day relaxed. These drinks are available all day long. Upon arrival, you'll also receive your personal BPA-free water bottle to fill up during your stay and take home as a souvenir.

  • A delicious breakfast with freshly squeezed orange juice, seasonal fruit, yogurt with cereals, eggs to order, and homemade goodies.

  • A hot and cold lunch with various local and international dishes prepared with fresh ingredients accompanied by soft drinks, beer, red, white, or rose wine.

  • Sundowner drinks and snacks to enjoy after the day at sea.

  • A gourmet dinner that demonstrates Chef's magic and alternates local and international specialties. Dinner is served with red, white, or rose wine, beer, or soft drinks.


The Chef also serves fruit and snacks throughout the day based on his "in the moment" inspiration.

The following drinks are available during your stay

  • Coffee, tea, water, soft drinks, and fruit juices.

  • Beer, white, rose, and red wine.*

  • You are welcome to refill your personal Sailing Chef BPA-free water bottle anytime.

* At Sailing Chef, the safety and well-being of our guests is our prime responsibility. That's why we serve alcohol responsibly during lunch, dinner, and our afternoon sundowner cocktail hour. Of course, if you have a specific preference for spirits, you're welcome to bring your own on board, and we'll be more than happy to serve you during these hours.


What else is included?

  • Unlimited WiFi

  • Air conditioning* and powerful in-cabin fan

  • Transit Logs, diesel, and port fees in Turkey

  • Use of canoes, sup boards, snorkels and flippers, fishing rods, etc.

  • Three bath towels per guest per week

  • One large sundeck towel per guest per week

  • Clean bedding

  • Duvet and pillow for use on the deck or in your cabin

  • Final cleaning


* Air conditioning is available on Sailing Chef I. We want you to be comfortable during your stay, including keeping your cabin temperature comfortable. However, we also want to be mindful of the environment and energy consumption. That's why we ask that you let the crew know when you would like your cabin's air conditioning turned on. The generator on the gulet has a limited capacity for air conditioning hours per day, so we appreciate your understanding in helping us manage energy usage. And if you are okay with letting the crew know when they can turn off the air conditioning, it would be a great help in our efforts to protect the environment. Thank you for being so cooperative!



Should you wish to do special activities such as day excursions, scuba diving, or a massage on board, our crew will be happy to help you organize them. The costs for optional activities are not included.​


What is not included?

  • ​​Your plane ticket and transfer to and from your airport or alternative destination. We are happy to arrange your transfer from/to your arrival/departure airport or other destinations at competitive rates.

  • Personal travel and cancellation insurance

  • €50 (cabin rental) or €100 (gulet charter) per booking for the Sailing Chef guarantee fund*

  • One dinner ashore during the week when anchoring in a picturesque harbor

  • One dinner in your arrival port city. On Friday evening, we will arrive at your port of arrival. Each port has a unique local atmosphere and many excellent restaurants. Your crew will happily help you find the restaurant of your liking.​​

​* Why do you operate your own guarantee fund? We understand your question, and the reason is simple. We aim to give you a unique and carefree experience. That is why we have taken out special insurance that pays out faster than a guarantee fund and has a limited risk of going bankrupt, like traditional guarantee funds. In short, better guarantees and less risk for you. For example, this enabled us to satisfy 100% of our guests during the COVID-19 pandemic without lengthy procedures.


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Let the blue cruise life embrace you.
First in anticipation. Later in memory. 

Gulet Facts

Luxury transom stern gulet with mahogany hull. Spacious, air conditioned cabins with ensuite bathroom

YACHT TYPE: transom stern gulet, mahogany hull, 2 steel masts

CAPACITY: 12 guests

CABINS: 7 guest cabins, 1 crew cabin

VIP MASTER SUITE: 1, with ensuite bathroom

DOUBLE BED CABINS: 4, with ensuite bathroom

SINGLE BED CABINS: 2, with ensuite bathroom

AIR CONDITIONING: full, with individual climate control

DECKS: 3, dining, sun, and lounge deck

CREW: 3, captain, chef, and seaman

LENGTH: 24.80 meters

DRAFT: 3.10 meters

BEAM: 6.4 meters

TONNAGE: 85.41 gross registered tons (grt)


SPEED: cruising speed 12 knots

SAFETY: fire exit, fire extinguisher in each cabin and division, 20 life jackets

Sailing Chef Gulet seen from above in crustal clear Mediterranean water
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