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Capturing the blue cruise life

Create lifelong memories that deserve to be captured

Everything starts with hospitality that comes from the heart and goes beyond expectations. Your devoted crew will treat you like a VIP, so you can unwind and relax to the fullest during your blue voyage. The well-oiled team takes care of your every need with thought, surprise, and charm. 

The scenery in this leading sailing region is breathtaking, and we feel privileged to be able to share it with you. The team makes you an insider by showing you the spots where no one else will take you. Simply because they were born and raised here. 

Magic cuisine is the red thread throughout your cruise. Your private chef will leave you in awe day after day as he spoils you with local and international dishes created from the freshest ingredients. 

Last but certainly, not least, each guest, from our youngest to the most senior, enjoys the unlimited possibilities that the impossibly blue sea presents.

At Sailing Chef, every detail counts. We invite you to create your lifelong memory and capture it in remembrance and images. 

Magic cuisine

You'll have an unforgettable culinary experience on your Sailing Chef blue voyage. Your private chef will carefully select the freshest ingredients from local markets to create a variety of local and international dishes that everyone in your group will love. Let the delicious cuisine be the highlight of your trip as you savor the flavors and experiences of a luxury sailing vacation.

Breathtaking scenery

Discover the leading region where the Mediterranean and Aegean seas meet and the Turkish Riviera and Greek Dodecanese Islands unite. Experience ideal cruising conditions and unmatched vistas.

Unlimited water fun

The clear turquoise waters at the perfect temperature invite to any type of water fun imaginable. The possibilities are endless. You can use the available equipment on board, such as canoes, sup boards, snorkelling gear and fishing rods. Or, for example, you can choose to organize a scuba dive or jet ski ride. It's up to you.

Experience VIP treatment

Cruising the crystal blue waters, you enjoy views you simply won't experience from the land. So, lay back, relax on your sunbed and experience the unique tranquillity that comes from the mind-blowing perspective. There is simply no better way to be pampered than through the genuine hospitality of your attentive crew. They are experts at anticipating your needs and exceeding your expectations in every way imaginable.