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Gulet Cruise holidays with thought, surprise and charm

The Mediterranean and Aegean Seas are impossibly blue. So blue, that a boating trip here is named a blue voyage or blue cruise.


Cruise the breathtaking Turkish Riviera and Greek Islands on an iconic wooden yacht named a gulet. We take gulet cruises to the next level by refining every element.

We ensure your every need is well served – with thought, surprise and charm.

Casual atmosphere - Magic cuisine

The atmosphere is casual, the dining magic and the scenery breathtaking. Impossible is nothing.

Your private chef creates magical local and international dishes throughout your journey from the freshest ingredients.

Adults and children enjoy a dream holiday. All you need to do is step on board and settle into the blue cruise life.


From £695 per week all-inclusive

Book your Sailing Chef Blue Voyage from €775 (£695/$930) per week all-inclusive. 

Are you looking to enjoy a unique and carefree holiday in your own bubble? We invite you to book a luxury gulet for up to twelve guests from €7.130 all-inclusive. 

Welcome on board!

Google reviews - Sailing Chef 5 star rat
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Sailing Chef in two minutes

  • Spacious cabins

  • Private bathroom

  • Air conditioning

  • Unlimited high speed WiFi

  • Dining, Sun & Lounge decks

  • 24/7 genuine hospitality

  • gourmet "magic" cuisine

  • soft and alcoholic drinks

  • watersports equipment

  • ​fuel, harbor & transit  fees


"The most caring, friendly, hospitable and fun team that shows you the best of their beautiful surroundings. 

A go with the flow-trip, always looking for beautiful spots, knowing when and where to stop for a swim and when you're not paying attention Captain Müjdat and Chef Çaner will even catch fresh fish for dinner.

Examples are endless. This team loves what they do and whom they do it for. A holiday spent on their yacht is worth every single cent and each minute is a wonderful one!

I will definitely join them again!"

Google reviews - Sailing Chef 5 star rat
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Ester de Vos

"A magical vacation and a top team. I can't wait to join again"

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Each guest - value for money

Gulet for Twelve

Celebrate your vacation with family, friends or host a management offsite for up to 12 guests. Reserve our luxury gulet with your personal crew and private chef from €595 per person/week.

all-inclusive from


per week

Cabins for one or two

Travel individually, as a couple or with your own group. We have 7 cabins available for up to 12 people. Each cabin has a fully equipped bathroom and airconditioning. Reserve your VIP Suite, Double bed or Single bed Cabin.

all-inclusive from


per guest/week

Children for less

Experience your best vacation ever with your family. Children up to 12 years old get a 25% discount and children aged 13-17 receive a 20% discount. we are pleased to make a personal offer for your (extended) family.

all-inclusive from


per child/week

Sailing Chef welcome basket in cabins


Sailing Chef is all about people. No matter how beautiful the scenery or how great the cuisine, without a crew that cares for its guest as it were family, your experience would be average at best.


Highest guest loyalty

Our goal is to create a valuable and lifelong memory for each of our guests. We do this with a genuine interest in you and an eye for detail. We are thankful that each year many of our guests return to sail with our Sailing Chef Caner and our Captain Mujdat.


Why? Simply because they haven't experienced the same level of positive attention, interest, and hospitality anywhere else.


Our crew is always close when required, but keeps a distance when desired. You won't even notice.


Sailing Chef takes your blue cruise experience to the next level through our team, gourmet cuisine and the ultimate experience of freedom.

We thank our name to our Sailing Chef, who was born and raised in the area and creates magical dishes from fresh and responsibly farmed local ingredients. Every day.

Freshly caught lobster


Each day of your cruise promises to be a culinary journey. There's no set menu. Depending on the best ingredients available, our chef finds inspiration to serve you with unique creations. 

We have experienced free divers among our crew who go diving on a regular basis to find you the best and freshest fish. During the April to June period, a giant lobster is no exception.













Taking the rich tradition of gulet cruises to the next level means finding a balance between the unique experience of such a journey and understanding what is essential for you.

You can count on us to find you breathtaking bays, cosy harbours and the best sailing waters. Each day, your captain shares his sailing plans and incorporates your preferences. It is your Blue Voyage!

The blue cruise life your way

Everything is possible, and throughout your journey, you will enjoy the sensation of ultimate freedom.


While sailing the turquoise waters, you enjoy breathtaking views. So, lay back, unwind and relax on our sun deck.


Once arrived at your next bay, you can take a swim, go snorkelling, arrange a scuba dive or spot sea turtles. It is up to you!


We are a Dutch, Irish and Turkish company that offers boutique-style gulet cruises with love for our guests and an eye for detail.


Our chef, captain, and crew were born and raised on the Datça peninsula. The rest of the team fell in love with the breathtaking landscape, hospitable locals and the unforgettable blue voyage experience.

Together we aim to bring the blue cruise life to the next level at a fair price.


Our dream to share our experiences with you came true when we established "Sailing Chef". We strive to provide each guest with a unique, and unforgettable holiday by providing

  • unmatched hospitality,

  • culinary magic and

  • total relaxation

a Lifelong Memory. Guaranteed. 

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