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Arriving in Datca

Although the COVID-19 pandemic isn't over and the human health crisis continues in parts of the world, life normalizes in other areas. To ensure our guests can enjoy a safe and unrestricted vacation, I traveled to Datca to meet Caner, Mujdat, and Sacit and witness the conditions firsthand.

But first things first. The majestic Sailing Chef gulet waited in the harbor. The team showed what had been done onboard to create a "Memory for Life" for our guests: the upgraded bedding in the cabins, the new lounge area up front, the solar panel system… it is all in great shape.

After a nice salad lunch, Caner and I drove around Datca to buy some remaining items. We had a stroll through beautiful Old Datca and memorable beach dinner. Although hygiene measures are strict and mouth masks obligatory indoors, life feels normal out here.

We'll keep you updated over the coming days and hope to welcome you onboard this year. We also started our bookings for next year, so if you are interested, please contact us at

Caner, Mujdat, Sacit and Marco


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