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Everything you need to know before stepping aboard a Gulet cruise - Part 4

Gulet yachts are, especially in these times of Corona, a popular and responsible way to spend your summer holiday. However, not many people are aware of the differences between Gulets and other sailboats. In order to give people the opportunity to get to know more about Gulet yachts like our own, we created this 5-part series.

Part 4 - Turkish Beaches

In the third part of this series, we informed you about some of the villages and cities you can visit during the Gulet Cruise. This part will be dedicated to a few beautiful beaches in Turkey that can be visited as well.

To start, in the little village 'Orhaniye', there is a sandbank that you can walk on. This sandbank is located in the little harbor of the village. The 600-meter long coastline is called "Kizkumu" and is known for a legend. This legend is about a princess, the daughter of Bybassos who runs towards the sea to escape from pirates. She can't swim and therefore she fills her dress with sand in order to cross the bay. She gets lost and when the sand in her dress is all gone, she drowns. The region "Kizkumu" is named after her and means "girls' sand".

The next beautiful beach in this list is located near the city of Kargi. This is a simple rustic town near the tiny villages of Hayıtbük, Kızılbük, and Ovabükü, triple bays in a row. All these three bays are beyond beautiful with their crystal clear waters, white beaches, and pine trees everywhere. Kargi knows some little restaurants where they serve local food and where many inhabitants of the town will be eating as well.

Lastly, the hidden gem of Domuzbükü. This is a beautiful turquoise bay which can only be reached by boat. Therefore it is a great bay to visit by Gulet. The water is beautiful and the sealife very diverse; you will be able to see turtles, extraordinary fish, and maybe even little rays.

Would you like to learn more about Blue Cruises before stepping aboard a Gulet, stay tuned for the fifth and last part or read the previous 3 blogs in this series!

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