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Tonight’s dinner...

Today, I had the privilege to wake up in a beautiful bay witnessing a rising sun. Although it was still early, I was just a bit too late to see the sunrise itself. Tomorrow morning, I intend to witness it as the plan is to sleep on deck tonight. Sleeping on deck is always an extraordinary experience, gazing at the stars and doze off to wake up the next morning to witness a breathtaking sunrise. Unbeatable!

Our crew member Sacit, who is an experienced diver, went out early to see if he could catch the fish for the barbecue tonight. Sacit dives, without oxygen tanks until 25 meters deep(!), and catches fish skillfully. When he returned, he brought back an enormous surprise… Self-caught lobster! Sacit then went back out to sea and caught more fresh fish, so the barbecue promises to be a memorable experience. When you decide to join us on a Sailing Chef Blue Voyage and like fish, please be kind to him, and I am sure he will put on his diving suit to find the freshest fish for you.

The rest of the morning, I spent shooting drone footage. After nearly losing the drone in an effort to film the gulet while sailing, I decided to play it safe. The lesson was that taking off while sailing is ok, but landing is really hard. Anyway, the gorgeous bay, turquoise sea, and picturesque Sailing Chef gulet were waiting to be filmed.

After emptying the battery and a nice swim in the sea, Caner prepared us lunch. While he made lunch with the freshest ingredients and herbs, I realized once more that he is the genuine Sailing Chef!

While writing this, we are sailing to the next bay. As written above, tonight's plan is to do a sweet barbecue, shoot more drone footage, and relax while enjoying nature.

And, did I already tell you that sleeping under the stars makes you sleep very well? I look forward to the rest of the day and night.

Your Sailing Chef Team


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