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Live the Blue Cruise Life - Part 3

Coming two weeks, your staff members will be on the Sailing Chef, cruising along the coast of Turkey. We will keep you updated on our adventures to give you a good idea of what life on a Blue Cruise is like. Stay tuned for our stories!

To start; we received a lot of questions about sea-sickness on the boat. One of our staff members suffers from sea-sickness herself, but fortunately, Caner knows exactly when she has to take a certain medicine so she doesn't feel sick while sailing or any other time during our trip.

Therefore, we can say with certainty that this holiday is also suited for people suffering from sea-sickness!

August 6th, 2020

First thing in the morning, we jump from the boat into the sea to go snorkeling. And... we spot an octopus! After swimming around it for a little while, Hans dives and flips a stone to grab the octopus. It is small and squirts ink being put onto the boat. This time, we do not eat it right away and put it in the freezer.

After lunch, we go to an ancient Greek town called 'Knidos'. Long ago, this town was part of Greece, but the Turkish and the Greek have had a lot of disagreements throughout the years, which made some parts of one country fall into the hands of the other country multiple times. An example of this is Knidos, which was originally a Greek town and now it belongs to Turkey. However, Greek influences are still clearly visible in this town; It has an amphitheater that is partly intact, and some Greek pillars are still standing upright.

August 7th & 8th, 2020

These are two relaxing days, of which we don't have many pictures and also not a lot to write about. We read our books, ate Caner's delicious meals, played games, and went for a swim in the bay.

However, on August 8th, Sacit goes diving again and catches a lot of fish! When he comes back, the entire floor of the dinghy is covered in fish; octopus, calamari, grouper, etc. Caner knows what to do and the same evening we have grouper for dinner!

August 9th, 2020

Today is the day we are going to Bodrum! Bodrum is a big, lively, city and also the city where Gület boats originally come from! After having had a freshly baked banana bread for breakfast and hamburgers for lunch, we set sail. We anchor just outside the harbor aside from the ancient Castle, take a shower, and Sacit brings us to the Marina by dinghy.

Everyone is wearing mouth-masks and keeps 1.5-meter distance from each other, which makes it very relaxing to walk through this city. There are lots of good restaurants on the boulevard, so it doesn't take long before we have chosen where we want to have dinner.

And again Covid-19 precautions are strict when we all get temperatured at the restaurant.

When we get back on board, the lights from Bodrum look stunning and we fall asleep outside on the deck while having the most amazing view of this big city.

Curious about the rest of our adventures on this Blue Cruise? Stay tuned for the next part in this series!

Your Sailing Chef Team


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