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Live the Blue Cruise Life - Part 4

This is the last part of our series of 'live the blue cruise life'! We have had two amazing weeks on the Sailing Chef and we hope to have given you the best impression on what life on a Blue Cruise is like! Enjoy the last part!!

August 10th, 2020

Today, it is my (Roos) birthday!!! The crew bought me a cake and we had breakfast just outside the harbor of Bodrum. After that, we go into the harbor and had a little stroll through the city center. The little shops are very cute and the atmosphere of the city is great; there are restaurants everywhere and the people are very nice.

After lunch, we set sail to the next bay; a little cove in which several boats were parked. This is one of the most crystal-clear waters we have seen the entire trip! Obviously, we went snorkeling and we caught some fish. Then, we had dinner and played some board games with all of us. At night, Caner prepared a cocktail for my birthday :)

August 11th, 2020

Today, we set sail early to the next bay. Here, Sacit goes to sea to catch some fish and we can come with him! When snorkeling, he can hold his breath for up to 2.5 minutes and he dives more than 30 meters deep! While we are watching, he catches 4 fish, all with his harpoon.

After this, we have lunch and go back to the harbor of Datça where the crew is immediately welcomed by people from their home town. Some of us go shopping in the many typical Turkish shops this town has to offer, while others rather stay onboard to pack their bags or play some games.

In the evening, we have dinner in a restaurant on the beach. With our feet in the sand, we reminisce about the past holiday and what a great time we had.

August 12th, 2020

We start the last day of our residence on the Sailing Chef with our last breakfast after which the women of the group go to the hairdresser/nail salon where our hair is being washed and our nails are getting done. After that, we packed all of our bags, had our very last lunch in Turkey for this summer, and said goodbye to our crew. Whom we will hopefully see very soon! They made these past two weeks unforgettable!

Thank you for reading this series!

Your Sailing Chef Team


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