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Live the Blue Cruise Life - Part 2

Coming two weeks, your staff members will be on the Sailing Chef, cruising along the coast of Turkey. We will keep you updated on our adventures to give you a good idea of what life on a Blue Cruise is like. Stay tuned for our stories!

August 3rd, 2020

After the barbecue last night, we wake up surrounded by sunshine. Caner prepares us a great breakfast once again and after that, we set sail to our next destination. First, we stop to have lunch in an empty bay where we go snorkeling and see some beautiful fish! At this moment, Sacit goes out fishing. Almost daily, he goes free-diving; he jumps into the water with a harpoon and catches fish, octopus, and calamari without any scuba-diving gear. The fish he catches, we eat for dinner the same night!

After lunch, we go to our last destination of today; Selimiye. We anchor the boat just outside the harbor and in the evening, we explore the tiny village. Sacit helps us get to the shore by 'dinghy' (the little motorboat that we have onboard).

Selimiye is a small town with a cute boulevard packed with restaurants and shops. Its lights reflect in the water of the sea, giving it a romantic ambiance.

Eventually, we sit down on the terrace of a cute, little restaurant, surrounded by sea and eat some Mezzes. The food is great, but not quite as good as the food Caner prepares for us every evening!! ; )

August 4th, 2020

Waking up by the noises of Selimiye and the warmth of the sun on our skin, we are all ready to start a new day. We jump into the sea for a quick 'freshening up', have breakfast, and say goodbye to Selimiye. Our first stop is a place where I already wrote about in an earlier blog; Girl Sand Beach in Orhaniye.

This beach is famous for its sandbank that is shallow enough for people to walk on, which results in a stream of people casually walking in the middle of the sea!

Right after anchoring, we jumped into the water and, accompanied by Sacit in the dinghy, swam to the sandbank where we walked for a little while. Then, we swam back to the boat where Caner had just finished preparing lunch. For lunch, today was... kapsalon! (Kapsalon is an originally Dutch dish made of chicken, french fries, cheese, and sauce.) Caner prepared it way better and healthier than it is normally done.

The evening started with some wine, beer, and snacks. Some of us played a game, read a book, or tried to catch some fish..

After dinner, we played Rummikub, Mujdat won all three games, and went to bed, once again right under the stars.

Curious about the rest of our adventures on this Blue Cruise? Stay tuned for the next part in this series!

Your Sailing Chef Team


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